The Bible is backed up by an amazing amount of archaeological evidence and scholarly work on the texts of the Old and New Testaments. This page is intended to present some of the most relevant and to make simple some of the work of Bible scholars that will fortify our faith. 

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Language and Languages.pdf

Did the Disciples really have whaT IT TOOK TO WRITE THE gOSPELS? 

The language and literary skills of the Gospel writers out them in a category with the best writers of the ancient world. How could simple fishermen have that skill? Read on and see. 

The four Servant songs in Isaiah reveal God's plan for Israel and the church

Is Jesus the servant of Isaiah 53? Many Jews and secular scholars think he is not. A closer look at the servant songs in sequence says otherwise. 

The Pattern of the Servant
Comparing Matthew and Mark, Pt. 4.pdf

Compaing Matthew, MaRK, AND lUKE

Many scholars claim that Mark was the original Gospel and Matthew and Luke borrowed the basic format as well as many of the episodes in Mark. I think that the differences between the three Gospels lead to a different conclusion. See the differences in this short passage from the passion of Jesus. 

The True and the False

How can we discern between the true and the False?

A recent Internet conversation led to this question: With all the truth claims by people and groups - Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba being one - how can we determine which is true? The answer is in the dirt and rocks reality of history. 

Out of the Fire

The threat of mythicism to modern Christianity cannot be ignored. It once was a fringe movement of little interest. Today it is the primary argument of many atheists against Christianity. In this article I respond to Dr. Richard Miller. 

Out of the Fire
What do you do with Jesus if you don.pdf

What do you do with Jesus if you do not believe?

Increasingly the critics of Christianity are running out of arguments from science or philosophy and have turned to the idea that Jesus the Messiah was a myth created by the writers of the Gospels who in some cases mined the pagan myths for themes, motifs, and tropes. It is becoming increasingly sophisticated, but nevertheless fails when examined.  

The historicity of the New Testament

One of the persistent challenges to the real-life Jesus the Messiah and Son of God is a movement called  today the Mythical Jesus. Its claim is that Jesus of the Gospels is a myth and not an actual person who lived at the beginning of the first century. There are many evidences in  the New Testment that refute that idea, but every once in a while another occurs to me. This one discussed in the article linked here is the evolution of the Lord's Supper from a primitive practice in Acts to an orderly prescribed practice in the church some three decades later. 

My friendly atheist and sometimes antagonist K reacted the other day to my mentioning Paul.pdf
The Reliability of the Bible.pdf

The Reliability of the Bible

How can we be sure that our Bibles are reliable copies of the original documents written by Apostles and prophets? 

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How Did We Get the New Testament? 

Who wrote the different books and how did these books become accepted by the early church as inspired scripture?

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How Did We Get the New Testament.pptx

Eyewitnesses. Were there any? 

One of the more often heard objections to the Gospels is that they were written years after the events and by men who did not see or hear Jesus.  Is that true?

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A date for Matthew's Gospel

Looking at the evidence both within the book and beyond, a date for Matthew between 50 and 68 A.D. is the most likely. 

Date of writing of Matthew

My name is Don Camp. I have been a Bible teacher for over 30 years. During that time, I wrote many papers for my students on the subject of the reliability of the Bible and created slide shows that my students could go back to over and over. 

The papers and slide show on this page are a few that may be of interest to those who want to know more about our wonderful book, the Bible, and our incredible God.