One of the primary goals of this website is to encourage and assist ministries of compassion in countries where Christian charitable organizations have a difficult time functioning. One of those is a school for children in Sailkot, Punjab,Pakistan, who are too poor to afford the uniforms, books, and supplies necessary to the public schools. Many of these children are from the brickyards where they work with their parents making bricks. The pay is minimal and keeps them in virtual economic slavery. The children will not escape this life without an education. 

Meet Rahmat and rimsha Saber

They are pastors at New Life in God Ministry of Pakistan. Sister Sabar has a vision for a school for children who are too poor to attend the state schools. 

Child with shoes

A gift of a doner in America. 

First day of summer school

The first day of summer school there were 50 or more children meeting in a house. There were teachers, but the number of children is a challenge. 

Child in  the brickyard

Link to Sister Sabar's FACEBOOK page New Life in God Church .  You will be encouraged at the vibrancy of the church in Pakistan. But you will also learn of the difficulties they face. Talk to Rimsha on messenger. And pray for these people as they follow the Lord in reaching the least for the Lord.  And if the Lord leads you, be a part of the school project. Even a small donation through World Remit will be helpful. 

Present Yourself and Your Ministry Online.pdf

Presenting yourself and your ministry

The world is connected as never before. That is a good thing for Christians and the church. It means we can connect to encourage and support one another more easily. But it also means there are many scammers who want to make take advantage of our connectedness to make money. That makes presenting ourselves as real people and honest people more important than ever.