One of the primary goals of this website is to encourage and assist ministries of compassion in countries where Christian charitable organizations have a difficult time functioning. Our strategy is to find worthy ministries and support projects through GoFundMe projects. GoFundMe does not transfer money directly to these countries. So, a sponsor of the GoFundMe project must be found in the United States. The projects, however, will be found here with links for those who wish to contribute. It is a work in process. The first project below is one I have contributed to and is sponsored by a man in  Florida. 

The next first project will be a Ministry of Jesus Fellowship Church, Pakistan. A picture of some of the children is in the header. 

Evangelist Sunny


Please help if you can. 

My dear brother thank you very much for your prayers but my dear brother we are very worried we have nothing to eat my dear brother we are surviving on drinking water please help us as much as you can.  Maybe please help us, my Lord bless you by opening the heavens instead 

Receiver money all details 

  1st Name -- Sunny

  2nd name --- iqbal

Phone number - +923096942072  

Country : Pakistan 

Home address - 

Houses #32 , street # 4,  khuram pura,  Khanewal,  Pakistan 

Orphan Home, Jesus Fellowship Church, Pakistan

See Pastor Shakeel and church at (13) Shakeel Bhatti | Facebook 

This church has an orphan home and ministers to 75 orphans and needy children. You may be a lifeline to them with your giving. It requires $5,000 each month for their care. Not only do they receive food and clothing but they are have a school where they are taught about Jesus. As the word of God is planted in their hearts and minds and as they see Jesus in the love they receive from those who serve them, they themselves will become salt and light in their neighborhoods and city. PRAY FOR THEM. And pray for those who serve them. 

Follow this link  to GoFundMe Page 

Followers Jesus, Milton Das, Bangladesh

"I love my ministry all the children very much and I want to work for Lord Jesus in Bangladesh so I try my best to serve the children properly but it is not possible for me alone but I pray to Lord Jesus to bless me in all my work and you too  Please pray for my ministry.

"I had a dream since childhood to work for Jesus and serve orphans and underprivileged children.  In Bangladesh I had to struggle a lot to work for God with children and I was able to work with children by the grace of Lord Jesus and teach children to follow the path of light shown by Jesus.  I have been involved in children's ministry for almost 3 years and I thank God that He has been with me through thousands of bad situations.  Me and I have a missionary who sometimes visits my ministry and evangelizes the children.  Bangladesh is a poverty country here my ministry does not support others so I feel very sorry for the children and pray to God to give us a supporter for our ministry.  I am not able to feed my children properly like before and am not able to meet the needs of the children.  In Bangladesh, the prices of all commodities have doubled.  You will pray for my ministry children and by God's grace you will try to support my ministry." 


Follow link to go GoFundMe