The Story of Jesus According to Luke

The Gospel of Luke is directed toward Greek and Roman readers. It begins with a typical Greek style introduction that included Luke's method and purpose in writing. It highlights Jesus' compassion for the common man and woman and their faith in him, and it presents Jesus as their Savior as much as he was Savior of the Jews.

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Luke Introduction.pdf

The Masterful Gospel of Luke

This introduction to Luke describes the author and the circumstances surrounding the writing of the book. 

Luke Chapter 1.pdf

Luke Chapter 1

There is a backstory to every story. Here the backstory is the birth of John the Baptist and how he was the bridge between the Old Testament and the advent of the Messiah Savior the Old Testament prophets spoke of. 

Luke Chapter 2.pdf

Luke Chapter 2

The birth of Jesus

Luke Chapter 3.pdf

Luke ChaptEr 3

The baptism of Jesus

Luke Chapter 4.pdf

Luke Chapter 4

Before Jesus begins his ministry of teaching, he is tested and found faithful to his calling. 

With the testing and anointing of Jesus for his ministry Luke has him beginning his ministry with the calling of disciples. 

Luke Chapter 5.pdf

Luke Chapter 5

Miracles and the calling of Levi

Luke Chapter 6.pdf

Luke Chapter 6

Torah and beyond

Luke Chapter 7.pdf

Luke Chapter 7

Jesus' miracles speak for him

Luke Chapter 8.pdf

Luke Chapter 8

Jesus explained in a parable why it was that not everyone was thrilled at his teaching or even understood what he was saying.  

Luke Chapter 9, Pt. 1.pdf

Luke Chapter 9 Pt. 1

The disciples were chosen after much prayer and became his spokesmen after his resurrection.  

Luke Chapter 9 Pt. 2.pdf

Luke Chapter 9 Pt. 2

But even the disciples had much to learn before they were ready.  

Not everyone found Jesus' teaching lifegiving. They were too  much into the things of the world and building their own kingdoms to want to follow a Savior who asked them to leave those things to follow him. 

Luke Chapter 10.pdf

Luke Chapter 10

The parable of the Good Samaritan illustrates what real following looks like.  

Luke Chapter 11 (1).pdf

Luke Chapter 11

Prayer will be essential for these disciples going forward.  

Luke Chapter 12 (2).pdf

Luke Chapter 12

Opposition to Jesus increases. 

Luke Chapter 13.pdf

Luke Chapter 13

Jesus couched much of his teaching about the Kingdom of God in parables.  

Luke Chapter 14.pdf

Luke Chapter 14

He used parables to answer the objections of his enemies. 

Luke Chapter 15.pdf

Luke Chapter 15

Parables also illustrated vividly how much God is concerned about the lost.  

Luke Chapter 16.pdf

Luke Chapter 16


Luke Chapter 17.pdf

Luke Chapter 17

Final teaching on the way to Jerusalem

Luke Chapter 18.pdf

Luke chapter 18

Waiting for the kingdom

Luke Chapter 19.pdf

Luke Chapter 19

Last chance

Luke Chapter 20.pdf

Luke Chapter 20

The final week

Luke Chapter 21.pdf

Luke Chapter 21

What's next for Jerusalem and the world? 

Luke Chapter 22.pdf

Luke Chapter 22

The last supper

Luke Chapter 23.pdf

Luke Chapter 23

Trial and crucifixion

Luke Chapter 24.pdf

Luke Chapter 24

Resurrection and instructions about the future

The story does not end here. Luke continues with Jesus' Apostles taking the message of this Savior  for all men and for all time to the Roman world and beyond and how the Holy Spirit gathered men and women of every race and nationality to Jesus. That is all in the book of Acts. 

Biblical Studies: What about Luke

Some of the questions about Luke-Acts answered. 

My take after years of study. 

Greetings. My name is Don Camp. I have been a Bible teacher and pastor for over 30 years. After retirement from teaching, I published Messiah: The Story of Jesus According to Matthew and recently placed that book online here on Today and Tomorrow.  I've since added other reading guides. The series Savior: The Story of Jesus According to Luke is the latest. 

My hope is that the casual language that made them enjoyable to my students would appeal to others. 

Thew NET Bible has been used throughout.