Using GoFundMe

Anyone who wants to use GoFundMe to raise support for their ministry needs to do the following things.:

1) build a large group of friends on social media.

These will be the people who you will ask to support your ministry. If you use Facebook, start with then friends you already have. 

If you do not have a Facebook page for your ministry, make one. Here is an example from a person I just became acquainted with in Pakistan Evangelist Boota Saab  Tell the story of your ministry on your Facebook page. 

Click on the friend's picture in your list of friends. It will take you to their Facebook page. Write a on their page and tell them in a few words about your ministry. Include a picture. Then go to their list of friends and click on one of their friends and ask to be a friend by clicking the "Add a Friend" button.  

These new friends will want to know who you are. They may message you. Be ready to tell them about yourself and your ministry. Use  pictures.  

If you are telling about yourself to Americans, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY BEGIN TO REQUEST THEIR HELP OR   SUPPORT. They will want to get to know you before they will consider helping you. AND DO NOT KEEP ASKING FOR HELP.  Americans will not like that. 

Keep working at building a large group of friends. This is hard work. But your GoFundMe Project will not be supported without this work. 

Get the people who work with you in your ministry to help by doing the same thing. 

2) Create a GoFundMe project using this website. GoFundMe. Be careful to read all the instructions. If you do not live in a country that GoFundMe transfers money to directly, you will need an Organizer in a country that GoFundMe does transfer money to.

You or your Organizer will need to provide a bank account where the money will be sent. 

This is the easy part, but be sure to tell very plainly what the project is you want to fund. Limited projects are best. Americans are more likely to support a project that they can see completed. But GoFundMe does provide for continued support. 

3) Work hard at letting people know about the GoFundMe project. This is hard work. But you will not find supporters unless you do this. Even if you have an Organizer, you will need to do this work. 

Communicate with the people who support the project. Let them know how you are spending the money. Use Facebook. Send them pictures or videos. These people may want to donate again. But don't be too pushy. Americans will not like that, and they may think this is a scam and you only want their money. 

4) PRAY  no work for the Lord will succeed without prayer.  Keep praying.  Ask that your friends pray, even if they are not able to donate to the project. Keep telling your friends about your project, even those who are donating. And pray for your friends. They will tell you about their lives and may ask form your prayer. By doing this you and your friends will become partners in what God is doing in the world.